Friday, April 22, 2011

Meet the ‘Club 55ers’

Few people can say they worked with Walt Disney when he was launching his dream of Disneyland park. Those cast members have a special bond, and on July 17 a group of them known as “Club 55ers” joined the Resort’s 55th anniversary celebration.

Club 55 was officially founded in 1970 by Van France, a former manager of Disney University. The chief qualification for membership? A paycheck from Walt Disney dated 1955.

Over the years, club members have held reunions to share experiences and stay connected. Each Club 55er has a unique connection to the Disneyland Resort and personal memories of Walt Disney. Club 55 includes past Disneyland Resort leaders such as Jack Lindquist and Ron Dominguez, and entertainers Bill Sullivan and Wally Boag. The club currently is composed of approximately 20 members, and some were working at Disneyland park on opening day.

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